Do Not Call Registry

Hi everyone.

Been a little bit of time since my last post, so I thought today that I might include a post on the National Do Not Call Registry, as well as, the state Do Not Call Registry’s. After all…some of these callers are UN-Frackin-Believable! 🙂

Below is some basic information. If you want all the info on all the ‘Do Not Call’ registry’s you can complete the form and I will email you the pdf file that has all the information.

Fill in the form at the bottom of this post with your first name and email. You will get a reply email verifying your info. You will then be sent the pdf file on all the info I have on the ‘Do Not Call’ registry’s, (Federal Do Do Not Call List, as well as, all the State Do Not Call List). Please let me know if it helped you!

If you need Adobe Acrobat or a PDF Reader to view the file you receive, you can download (for FREE) the Adobe PDF reader by clicking here.

Remember: Do Good!

* btw, I use Aweber to keep up with the large number of responses, so it’s all automatic. When you put your first name and a valid email address you will get a reply email from Aweber asking you to verify your email address. Simply click the link and the file will be sent to you. 🙂

Using this process keeps me from becoming a spammer which is good for you and me 🙂

This will help you find out who is “really” calling you!

* btw 2, If you see people violating the handicapped parking places in your city and you would like for me to post them here. I will need the following:

  • Picture / Video of the front of the car clearly showing there is no placard in the window
  • Picture / Video of the back of the car clearly showing the cars ‘license plate’ with no handicapped markings
  • Picture / Video of the back of the car clearly showing the cars ‘license plate’ plus the ‘handicapped’ parking sign in front of the car or the painted decal under the car with the ‘license plate’  clearly showing.

Watch a couple of my videos, I think you will get the idea. Then send me the pics or video and I will post them here and gladly give you the credit. If you know how to post to, do that and then send me the link to your video and channel. I will then post your video here and promote your channel in the process.

Thanks everyone for your great comments and likes!


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